Springfield Plantation
map Kingstree, a small town in South Carolina had a population of 3,500 in the year 2000. First settled in the 1730s, Kingstree is rich in colonial history, while providing modern conveniences. Nobel Prize winner Joseph L. Goldstein is a native son of Kingstree, bringing modern history to the town. At the Williamsburg Historical Museum, Kingstree visitors can get a glimpse into the monumental past of South Carolina. Visit the Williamsburg Home Town Chamber and take in a breath of American history. Visit the Thorntree House, the plantation home of James Witherspoon.

Kingstree, South Carolina, is surrounded by other beautiful cities and towns, and even more beautiful landscape. While visiting Kingstree, make sure to visit other neighbors like Georgetown, Hemingway, Johnsonville, Lake City, Manning and Sumter. The views of South Carolina are bountiful, and Kingstree acts as Williamsburg County’s home.